Maadhyama Aneka to launch its OTT

Maadhyama Aneka is proud to announce the launch of OTT which offers original content in Kannada and other languages. The name of the OTT...

Where would you invest $1 million right now?

If you have to invest $1 million in one industry and you can't touch it for 10 years, then Cybersecurity is the right place...

Marriage Story (2019)

The sadness of the divorce is love affair ending as well as the nastiness of the process. Written, directed and produced by Noah Baumbach,...

Landscape of OTT / Digital Streaming in India

OTT has conquered Indian data space in a short timeThe diverse nature of OTT consumersThe three tiers of OTT platforms Look around you—everyone is hooked...
Kids as a OTT Demography

Growing demography for OTT: Kids

OTT platforms target kidsEducational content or a lead to addiction?Are outdoor games going out of fashion? Today’s universal and undeniable truth: along with learning to walk and speak,...