OTT saturation – reality or myth?

How much is enough?Does having more platforms ensure better quality? Everything in this world has a saturation point. To be relevant, products need to be...

Where would you invest $1 million right now?

If you have to invest $1 million in one industry and you can't touch it for 10 years, then Cybersecurity is the right place...
Decline of TV as OTT Platforms Arise

Decline of TV as OTT Platforms Rise?

Is cord-cutting edging closer?Can OTT overtake Television viewership in 5 years? In a recently concluded BARC Connect 2020 – Bengaluru, Broadcast Audience Research Council...

Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood (2019)

Relives a golden age of Hollywood. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a movie set in 1969 Los Angeles is the story of an aging...
OTT Content Partnerships

Are OTT partnerships here to stay?

Is the sharing business platform viable in the long run?Can the platforms go ahead when there are creative differences over content? In Shakespeare’s play titled...

Marriage Story (2019)

The sadness of the divorce is love affair ending as well as the nastiness of the process. Written, directed and produced by Noah Baumbach,...

Joker (2019)

Joker is a compelling origin story of a man's painful journey to self destruction. Joker, an American psychological thriller, is a possible origin story for the...

Maadhyama Aneka to launch its OTT

Maadhyama Aneka is proud to announce the launch of OTT which offers original content in Kannada and other languages. The name of the OTT...

Little Women (2019)

Little Women is the seventh film adaptation of the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. Little Women is an...
Homegrown vs International

Audience conundrum: International vs Indian players

Regional content or International content?Can both coexist for an Indian user? The question that constantly lurks in the mind of the user is which platform...